The Season of Hope and Love – Blog No# 4

Xmas Angel 3Merry Christmas and happy new year, my friends!

It’s a bit strange to be moving on Christmas week, but after spending a lovely evening tonight on Christmas Eve with my dear neighbors, I’m reminded of the message of hope and love that this beautiful season brings. The firelight and conversation, candlelight, wonderful food and laughter made me stop fretting about all the details of moving crammed in my head. None of it is important and it felt good to let go.

I used to think that positive attitudes came naturally to people. Growing up, I thought the members of the Optimists Club were pretty “square”. But now I know they are the coolest people! They were choosing to be happy. It’s a choice! Wow, what a concept. I choose to embrace today, but it has been hard won. Now I know it is not because of good circumstances and good fortune that create positive people. Positive people create good circumstances and good fortune.

We can change our mind-sets at any given moment. It’s up to us. We can decide to not give negative energy any power and not allow anything to rob us of our joy.

A close friend of mine, Mike Denecke, was the most successful and positive person I knew. He was known to say, “Life isn’t supposed to be easy,” but for Mike that wasn’t a bad thing. It took me a while to understand what he was saying. I thought life was supposed to be easy if you were a good person. Pretty naive, I know. Another quote from Mike: “Make a mistake? Don’t dwell on it.” Mike won an Emmy and an Oscar for technical advances. Like with many people, his life was complex, full of demands and tough, dark family situations. But life was a great adventure to my friend. He sadly passed away some years ago, but I can still hear his enthusiastic reply when anyone asked him how he was doing: “Wonderful!”

Life is such a trip. Thank you for taking the ride with me. With all the ups and downs, it’s a beautiful life.

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