The Marvelous Marvels – Blog #3

“Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days of yore.” Mentoring photoFrom the beautiful Christmas carol, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Most of you are olden golden friends of yore and others I’m happily just getting to know. I appreciate and love you all for being in my life and participating with me in this wonderful fashion, blog number three! Thank you!

I am moving this month to beautiful Laguna Hills, and the reason is directly related to the lifelong friendship I’ve had with the dear Marvel’s, a family I’ve been friends with since I was fourteen years old.

Mr. William Marvel was my beloved high school music teacher. It is because of him that I am a professional singer. He would sit me down time after time and encourage me to pursue music. He would say very intently, “You MUST pursue this. You do not understand what you have.” He was right. I didn’t understand the talent I had.

What comes natural to us we can easily dismiss as an ordinary common thing. We just do it and it’s no big deal. It comes natural to us. But we must be careful not to dismiss our gifts. Since my family is not from a show biz background, I think Mr. Marvel felt even more compelled that someone like himself should take a special interest in me, in my talent as a singer. He had been a professional musician and bandleader for years before becoming a teacher, so he knew the biz and discipline that comes with it. Without his guidance, there would be no thought of becoming a singer and guitarist. I turned fourteen in 1964. Folk music was starting to get big attention and Joan Baez, a girl singing and playing the guitar, was an exceptional new and different thing!

I believe special gifts are from God and are meant to be given. Giving my gift as a singer continues to bring great joy in my life. 2014 will be fifty years since Mr. Marvel started giving me those pep talks!

It was because of Mr. Marvel that I had a marvelous musical arrangement of Very Last Day, the Peter, Paul and Mary song I sang in the Miss Los Angeles County beauty pageant when I was seventeen. We rehearsed many hours together. He took his time again to help me – encouraging and instilling confidence he knew I needed and I believe had everything to do with my winning the title and becoming a contestant in the Miss California pageant.

We all need mentors in life. Someone who sees us, guides us and helps us to appreciate who and what we are and how we fit in this world.

Mr. Marvel sadly passed away some years ago and Mrs. Lois Marvel has recently moved into an assisted living home. Scott, their son, has offered me the opportunity to rent the house his mom left behind in Laguna. I am thrilled that I will be just minutes away from Mrs. Marvel who is living in Mission Viejo and just a few minutes from Scott and his dear wife, Linda. We all feel this is divine intervention.

My move to Laguna is marking time in a profound way. I’ll be sitting at the same kitchen table where Mr. and Mrs. Marvel and I sat together countless times since I was a young teenager. What a blessing to be living in Laguna, an artsy, music town with lots of places with live entertainment. You can be sure this singer will be on the hunt. Mr. Marvel would be so proud!

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